Crane Cloud

Crane Cloud

The project aims to design and develop a cloud native platform that is specially designed for resilience to unique connectivity and infrastructure challenges in the African context.


  • Despite the increasing reliance on cloud-based services, 90% of Africa's content and services are hosted on remote servers of the cloud providers located thousands of kilometers from the continent.
  • Operating a reliable cloud service in a local setting  requires investigation and solutions to unique unresolved technical hurdles including slow, intermittent and  high Internet costs,inconsistent electrical power supply, and low skill set in operating and managing large scale cloud centers.
  • There are limited case studies to train students, professionals and organisations on cloud computing technologies. As a result software applications are in most cases not designed to take full advantage of cloud computing infrastructure. 

Project Aims

  • Provide a vendor-neutral cloud native platform as service for companies, governments, developers and universities particularly those based on the African continent
  • Leverage the existing Cloud Native technologies and tools, to develop a set of open source tools that can be used to set up resilient on-premise or hosted cloud native services
  • Build local capacity for cloud native technologies as a way to develop and deploy software systems that take full advantage of the cloud infrastructure.

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