By: Administrator | January 24, 2020
Information for Computer Science students

On behalf of the Department of Computer Science, I would like to warmly welcome you to Semester 2 of the 2019/20 academic year. I hope you had a wonderful holiday & a great start to the New Year 2020. We are so excited to have you back as part of our department! 

Please receive below useful information for getting started with Semester 2. 

1. Courses for Semester 2 2019/20: The detailed Computer Science curriculum is available online at the Department's website 
I encourage you to review the curriculum and course description to gain an understanding of the expected course outcomes.

2. Timetable: The timetable is available online    Please note that Semester started on Monday 20th of January 2020.  You may direct any timetable queries to the CoCIS Timetable Coordinator <>

3. For Second Year students: Computer Science students are required to to take a 10-weeks Internship at the end of Semester. Ms. Barbara Nansamba is our Department’s Field Attachment coordinator. Please reach out to her in case of any questions and requests regarding your Internship.

4. Semester 1 Results. The CS Departmental Board will sit early February 2020 to receive and consider Semester 1 results, thereafter, provisional results will be released to students.

Kindly disseminate to ALL your Colleagues through various channels (email, Social-media --WhatsApp, Twitter etc). Feel free to drop me an email or come by my office in case of any issues affecting the smooth running of the Semester.

Have a great Semester.

Engineer Bainomugisha, Ph.D

Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science

Makerere University