By: Administrator | July 16, 2019
Visiting Assistant Professor Bo Waggoner at Makerere University

Assistant Professor Bo Waggoner is hosted in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lab on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th July 2019.

On Tuesday 16th July 2019, he gave a talk about Market Approaches to Aggregating Predictions and Data.  Talk covered an overview of prediction markets which incentivize groups of people to collaboratively predict future events such as rainfall or crop yields, political or economic events.  It described how the same structure can be used to aggregate data collaboratively for the purposes of machine learning. A motivating example used during the talk was a group of farmers collectively pooling data about their crops to train a classifier or regression model.

The presentation slides used during the talk can be accessed from here.

He is available in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lab for interactions and discussion until the end of  Wednesday 17th  July 2019.

For more information about Assistant Professor Bo Woggoner please visit