The PGD in Computer Science is a one year program that is spread out in two semesters and one recess term. Each semester has fifteen weeks of studying and two weeks of examinations. A recess term is made up of ten weeks.

Tuition fee for privately sponsored students is 5,000,000 Uganda Shillings per academic year for Ugandans and 12,780,000 Uganda Shillings for International students.

The program is designed for graduates who wish to gain advanced knowledge in Computer Science. The broad target groups include but not limited to:

  • those interested in pursuing both academic and professional careers requiring advanced Computer Science knowledge.
  • professionals interested pursuing careers in the fields of computer security, data science, network security, analytical, software engineering/software development, and cloud computing among others.
  • those interested in pursuing Masters research in Computer Science.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, the candidate must hold an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering or a closely related field from a recognized university/institution.

Candidates from closely related fields should have taken core computer science courses in undergraduate studies including: compiler design, automata and complexity, object-oriented programming languages, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, mathematics particularly in linear algebra statistics and calculus.