kayaga Andrew

I hope to graduate as a doctor in 2018, where I would like to train in paediatrics or haematology, as I love children and find treating blood cancers particularly interesting because it affects the whole body, and it is near-enough impossible to remain a generalist doctor nowadays! I also find psychiatry very interesting, as this has been an area that has affected me throughout my life and I would like to make a difference for others. Once I start working, I would like to live in a nice little house in Norfolk with lots of animals to keep me busy when I'm not on-call!
William Robson

I enjoyed the freedom I was given for independent learning, which has set me up well for university. Whilst some of my university friends have struggled with organising their work schedules, the structure Sharnbrook Sixth Form gave me allowed me to allocate my time effectively to meet deadlines at school and later at university. Outside academia, Computer science provided me with fantastic sporting opportunities to develop my talents, giving me the confidence to represent several clubs at university level and make an additional circle of friends. I also worked on some PHSEE projects, which were hugely beneficial.

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